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released February 28, 2014

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Johnathon Porter at Dead Format Studios (Belmont, OH) in January 2014
All songs written and performed by RIVERS
Album artwork & design by Brady Lytton
Photographs by Manny Chacalos, Brady Lytton & Noah Diemler
Additional backing vocals by RIVERS, Johnathon Porter & Gunner



all rights reserved


RIVERS West Liberty, West Virginia

Abbie Merryman
Dillon Richardson
Brady Lytton
Melody Petras

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Track Name: Running Start
Track Name: Train
Life, life is a big one
And you, you are stuck
Someone is holding you back
And you won't go very far

The train is coming, the train in coming for you
You've got to catch up,
You've got to catch up, you do
The train is coming, the train is coming for you
It isn't going to stop

Break out of that cane and run away
Get on that train and move
You're not that limited so do
Something you've always wanted to

Life, life has its changes
And you, you are brave
Your cage has become rusty
This chance is one you must take
Track Name: Lanterns
You walk out the door on a day in December
The weather's so warm it feels like September
And every day you try to say that it's all figured out
In reality there just might be a strong sense of doubt

Weather changes, people talk
The rabbit races, turtles walk
You can't always worry about the world
When without your friends you can't create your own

We all have a lanterns in the sky
The hotter we burn, the higher we'll fly
Sometimes we just need help to light our fire
So we can all stay afloat for a while

You were tired of wondering why you were slipping
Faced with countless obstacles against your progressing
The world is vast and overflowing with all sorts of stuff
You can't fight that feeling that none of it's enough
Track Name: Coffee Bay
Flooding from the inside, we are looking mighty ripe
To the shore and to the tides of Coffee Bay
Found a cigarette under the staircase
Surely you can bet your rank was raised

Shifting to the other side, pulse uplifting muscles tight
Try not to lose your sight of what's at stake
Looking up to ring the moon upon the wake
Mayhem far from mind, there was a fake

Is this mayday working we are running out of time
The copters should be coming cannot take anymore lies
It seems very lovely on this South African night
Faced with human error we can understand what's right

Say goodbye to the captain we are on our own tonight
We are just musicians, never had to save a life
We were free from worry now we are fighting to survive

There's a woman next to you unsure of what to do
She's been waiting for the cue, you are her love
Searching in and out, climbing up and down
Spinning all around, help has been found
Track Name: Lost
Track Name: Snowfall
There's a feeling in the air when you are around
And it fills me with despair, please don't make a sound
We've all got our point of view, keep yours to yourself
I'll tell you when I want you so stay on your shelf

We're all trying to be heard
Stop throwing your words like stones

When we started this whole thing
We didn't know what it would bring
But how can it be Spring when there's snowfall

Let's run into the unknown and if we have the heart
We'll find on that dusty road what sets us apart
That's why I can't deal with doubt
Don't play dumb with me
Either you are in or out, I can't allow defeat

You've got to take a step in the dark
Before you can see the stars